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Family Fun and Funny Novelty Products

 The perfect product line of t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, onesies, mugs, totebags, pillows, phone cases and 50+ other items for anyone looking for a bit of humor and irony or as a funny inside joke. The subtle and ironic phrase says it all. Normal is Relative, Just Not MY Relatives” ® Every family has a few abnormal and weird members. Dysfunctional families have even more.

Unique Trademarked Phrase & Design

Our cute and hilarious shirts and other products feature a cartoon family graphic with the registered trademark phrase. The perfect item to wear or give as a gift to a friend or relative for a birthday or a holiday gathering or a  family reunion or picnic or other family event. Or as a funny favor for the wedding party or shower. Or as a perfect ironic gift for your weird uncle or other relative or anyone tracking their ancestry.  Or a perfect gag gift for the new baby who has no idea what he or she has gotten themself into.

Who's Normal?

The "Normal is Relative, Just Not MY Relatives"® brand is all about fun, humor and irony. With so many dysfunctional families in the US and elsewhere we don't believe there's anyone, anywhere who cannot identify with this. We are literally putting a little bit of FUN into dysFUNctional. And, remember, it's not necessarily an insult to say that your relatives are "abnormal". Maybe they're abnormally smart or abnormally good-looking or abnormally successful. At least that's what you can say if anyone takes offense.  :-)


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Normal is Relative, Just Not MY Relatives!®